Disposable Adhesive Drape 90cm x 150cm - Pack 40

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The cost of sterilising drapes and gowns is a growing concern along with the reliability of the autoclave doing it correctly. Disposable drapes and gowns are becoming more popular. Supplied in a sterile pack simply use when required and throw away. Our drapes & gowns are sold individually and offer great value for money. Drapes & gowns are also available in small packs or complete boxes making them even more cost-effective. With Drapes and Gowns it is sometimes dificult to know if they are what you need, i.e. the material is right or the adhesive strip is suficient, therefore if you would like a free sample of any of the disposable items below we’d be happy to oblige. With the drapes, gowns and scrubs that aren’t disposable feel free to return unused if unsuitable or incorrect size. We work with Guardian who are a leading supplier of disposable drapes and gowns so you can be assured of the quality. This item is a pack of 40 sterile Disposable Adhesive Drapes 90cm x 150cm