Endozime® XP 4 Litre x 4

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Endozime® XP combines the power of a super-concentrate with the performance of Ruhof’s proven multi-enzyme formula to create the ultimate instrument and scope cleaner. The Endozime® XP penetrates into the hardest to reach places of instruments and scopes and breaks down gross contaminants upon contact. Features & benefits include: - Dilution is just 2mls per litre - Can be used in automatic and manual cleaning - Effective in all water temperatures (including cold water). - pH neutral, free rinsing and 100% biodegradable - Compatible with all common medical device materials - Inhibits rust - Low foam formula Available in 2 litre bottles (makes 1000 litres solution) and 4 litre bottles (makes 2000 litres solution) or in boxes of four bottles of the afore mentioned sizes. Ruhof Instrument Cleaning Products Ruhof was founded in 1976 and launched the first enzymatic detergent for surgical instruments in the human health market in the USA. Since then they have expanded their product offerings to cover all areas of instrument and scope care, whilst being user and environmentally friendly. VETisco offer what we believe are the products needed for a basic care program of instruments and other items. However Ruhof do offer a complete range of Instrument and also scope cleaning products so if there is something else you require, especially for your scopes, then please let us know and we will be happy to help.