This category contains all our orthopaedic kits, instruments, implants and power tools.

We guarantee and certify that all of our implants (screws & plates) are made to the following speciications.

Stainless Steel 316 LVM ISO 5832-1 ASTM F138/F139.
316LVM (low carbon vacuum melt) stainless steel - this stainless steel is vacuum melted to achieve high levels of purity and cleanliness. It has excellent resistance to both general and intergranular corrosion, and pitting and crevice corrosion. The vacuum melt allows for superior surface inish. Some implants on the market are made from 316L which hasn’t gone through the vacuum melting process.

One of the most commonly used titanium alloys is an alphabeta alloy containing 6% Al and 4% V. This alloy, usually referred to as Ti 6Al-4V, exhibits an excellent combination of corrosion resistance, strength and toughness.

All our implants also have a Satin Finish, which gives less light relection in surgery, longer implant life, enhanced imaging and easier autoclave sterilisation. Our implant supplier also supplies into the human health market, which is obviously extremely highly regulated, especially in comparison to the veterinary market where there is no regulation. However our veterinary implants still go through every step of the same procedure that a human implant would go through so you can be assured of the highest strength and quality.

Our orthopaedic instruments are the same high quality and value throughout and covered by our lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.

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