VETisco has a range of General Surgical Instruments which includes the most common sizes of the most common surgical instruments used in general practice.
We have access to a complete human and veterinary instrument range so if you need something that isn’t in our catalogue then please ask and we will source it for you. Similarly if you have an idea for a new instrument or modification of an existing instrument then please let us know because we are always looking for ways to be innovative and would be happy to help making your idea a reality. All our instruments, both general and otherwise, are covered by a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects (misuse and ‘wear & tear’ excluded).
Also included in this category is a range storage boxes, flushing needles, biopsy needles and instrument care products.

Within our general instruments we also carry a standard range and a premium range. The quality of our standard range is at the very least comparable in quality to those of other leading instrument suppliers and the only difference you will find is the value we offer. The standard range is still covered by our lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects. Our premium range as the name suggests, are instruments of the highest quality supplied by a leading human medical instrument supplier. As these instruments are supplied into the human health market, which is obviously a highly regulated market, they require the highest manufacturing standards. As you would expect, the pricing on our premium range is a little higher than our standard range but still represents great value as we believe them to be unrivalled in the veterinary marketplace.

VETisco is also pleased to offer a selection of left-handed instruments. Approximately 13% of the UK’s population is left-handed and using an instrument specifically designed for left-handed users can make a huge difference. Included in this catalogue is a selection of commonly used instruments in left-handed variations but if you require a left-handed instrument not listed, then please contact us and we will happily get it for you.

In this chapter we have different variations of an instrument, i.e. Straight or Curved and Tungsten Carbide or Supercut so the following acronyms are used in codes and descriptions
Key – STR = Straight / CVD = Curved / TC = Tungsten Carbide / SC = Supercut

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