Our Opticlar Ophthalmoscope kits are supplied with the L28 Ophthalmascope head which has the following features –

1) Convergent illumination and viewing paths that reduce corneal reflections and enable both versions to be used successfully on small pupils.
2) Polarising filter that is selectable on all apertures and further reduces corneal reflections and facilitates entry into small or non dilated pupils.
3) Red free filter that is selectable on all apertures
4) 6 selectable apertures, Micro Spot, Medium Spot, Large Spot, Graticule with fixation ring, Slit, Cobalt blue. In all there are 18 possible filter/aperture combinations
5) Sealed optics for longevity and which prohibit dust ingress
6) MultiVoltage True Tone LED which provides excellent colour temperature for enhanced retinal detail and which avoids colour bleeding normally associated with LEDS. 7)Freedom of movement from C cell to rechargeable handles with no concern over blowing bulbs or inadequate illumination
8) L28 has 28 lens ranging from -25D to +40D. (-10 to +10 in single dioptre steps). Also available in a 68 lens ranging from -30D to +38D in single dioptre steps (AL68 Lens) – if you need this lens ask us for a quote.
Also supplied with a 5 year warranty against faulty materials and assembly failure including the LED illumination.

Opticlar L28 Ophthalmascope Head for Heine Handles

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Opticlar L28 Ophthalmascope Head for Opticlar Handles

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