VETisco are pleased to offer two ranges of these important diagnostic instruments – Heine & Opticlar.

Heine has long been the number one name in the veterinary industry for ophthalmoscopes and otoscopes and still is, therefore we carry a range of Heine equipment if you already have this setup in your practice or you would prefer to stick with the industry leading brand.

Opticlar is relatively new to the veterinary industry but offer very high quality instruments at a very competitive price. Many of the instruments and accessories are compatible with the leading competitor brands and carry a 5 year warranty

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HEINE Battery 3.5V NiMH (NT)

Spare 3.5v NT (NiMH) battery for the HEINE rechargeable handle.....

HEINE Beta 200 Spare Bulb 2.5V

Spare HEINE bulb for the 2.5v standard battery handle......

HEINE NT 3.5V Rechargeable Battery Handle

The three Heine battery handles supplied separately if a replacement or a second battery handle is n.....

HEINE Otoscope Slit Head 2.5V

Solid metal construction HEINE Otoscope Head with the following features - • Slit instrument head .....

HEINE Speculum Metal Closed 10 x 150mm

Closed metal speculum from HEINE 10mm diameter, 150mm length......

Opticlar Diagnostic Set Wall Mounted and Tip Tidy

This set contains an Opticlar Otoscope Slit Head with Magnifying Loupe, an L28 Opticlar Ophthalmosco.....

Opticlar Head Adaptor for Heine Handles

This adaptor is for HEINE handles so they will accept Opticlar heads......

Opticlar L28 Ophthalmascope Head for Heine Handles

If you have existing HEINE handles in the practice this Ophthalmascope L28 Head will fit those HEINE.....

Opticlar L28 Ophthalmascope Head for Opticlar Handles

Ophthalmascope L28 Head for all Opticlar handles. We also supply an Ophthalmascope L28 Heads to fit .....

Opticlar Otoscope Kit Std Battery Handle

Kit includes battery handle, Opticlar Otoscope Slit Head with Magnifying Loupe, 3 steel speculae - 4.....