Pantarsal Arthrodesis Plates - Medial with T4 Hole 135° 2.0/2.7

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Indicated in animals with injury (fracture, luxation or shearing injury) of the tibial cochlea and condyles of the talus, where long-term and unmanageable degenerative joint disease is present or irreparable Achilles tendon injuries. Realistically a custom plate is needed but due to the time it takes to have these made a range of standard plates are available in different degrees of angulation (either 120° - Cat or 135°- Dog) in left or right. Hybrid plates where smaller screw sizes are accepted distally. Available in Medial and Cranial Plates and in the Medial plates we also have the modified plates with an elongated hole over the T4 region allowing the surgeon to place a screw and gather the central tarsal bone and T4. L or R in order code means for Left leg or Right leg