SOLED Ceiling Mounted Light

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VETisco now stock the ACEM range of lights. Based on next generation LED technology combining long life with low energy use. SOLED15/15-F with ABPS supplies eficient light for even when there is a lack of power in emergency or blackout situations (Mobile Unit Only is Rechargeable) SOLED15/15-F with ABPS has the same performance and appearance, since the structure containing the battery is within the trolley base. The structure which covers and protects the battery is made of resistant plastic, and its dimensions are: 550 x 340 x 240. The control panel on the structure allows managing all fundamental parameters, such as residual charge, type of power supply, recharge status and electrical power supply presence, amongst others. Has an electronic control which allows for automatic switch from electric power supply to battery power supply so that SOLED15/15-F can be used as a high performance mobile unit. Recharged by an automatic charger and requires no speciic maintenance. Its autonomy may vary depending on the battery model, which can be from 12 Ah to 28 Ah with maximum charging time of about 8 hours. This is the SOLED 15 Ceiling Mounted Light. **ONLY THE MOBILE UNIT IS RECHARGEABLE** For more information on any of our lights please contact us