TPLO Evolox ® 2.4mm Locking Plate - Left Hand

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Locking TPLO plates have two major advantages over standard TPLO plates. - Improved Stability The locking screw and locking plate interface and the angular and axial stability of locking screws increase the strength of the construct compared to standard plate and screw constructs. - Anatomical Contouring Reduced The locking TPLO plates are pre-contoured and this coupled with the nature of locking and the reduced need for contouring means they can be very time saving intraoperatively. Also pre-contoured to help protect the locking holes as contouring them can distort the holes making them unusable. VETisco offers two types of locking TPLO Plates - Standard Locking & Evolox® Our new Evolox Locking TPLO Plates offer the same advantages as the standard locking plates but with the added advantage of Evolox polyaxial locking holes giving the surgeon the opportunity to increase the angulation on the screws and further increase the pull-out resistance.